Brokers Only

At North Coast Funding, our relationship with you as a referring broker is key to our philosophy of business.

We specialize in the commercial deals that may fall outside your area of interest. We will finance a broad range of commercial properties including some that are traditionally difficult to get done like garages, restaurants, special use, etc.

In addition, due to our unique relationship with our investors, we can offer extremely competitive rates on the more conventional properties like apartment buildings. We can also fill the gap when conventional lenders turn you down and "hard money" is just not acceptable.

But why deal with North Coast Funding?

More Closings!
Our performance in closing loans is unexcelled in the industry. Closing loans is the bottom line and nobody does it better and with more consistency.

Lack up-front fees
Aren't you and your clients sick of paying outrageous fees and not getting their loans approved? Your reputation and your relationship with your clients are at stake every time you submit a deal. Don't you want to send your deals to a company that is as concerned as you are in maintaining your integrity and reputation in the industry?

Broker Protection
We and our referring sources are paid at the closing and you will be fully protected on each and every application you submit.

Diversity of loan products
NCF offers more loan programs on more types of properties with higher loan to values and with lower interest rates than anyone else.

We want to offer you and your clients the BEST possible deal that can be put on the table. We look forward to working with you!

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