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Most of our loan products can be used throughout the country in major metropolitan areas. The emphasis of these products is on multi-tenanted properties with verifiable income. Some specialty products like SBA and Bridge Loans will also work nationally. Please continue for specific details on each product.

Multi-family - Mixed-use - Office - Retail    [Apply Online]
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· Loans in excess of $250,000 up to $25,000,000
· Loan to Value up to 85% with DSC of 1.25:1.0
· Terms of 5, 7, 10, 15, 25 or 30 years are available
· Rates start at 3%* (Check corresponding index)
· Up to 5 years interest only
· Non recourse available
· Limited pre-payment penalty

· Good credit - Full doc


Click for more abount No Prepayment Penalty
· All income producing properties. Owner occupied or investment
· $500,000 up to $10,000,000
· 5 year fixed rate product with amortization up to 30 years
· Flexible underwriting

BRIDGE LOANS    [Apply Online]

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· One year interest only. Nationwide in major metropolitan areas.
· Rates from 8% to 12%*
· FAST CLOSINGS    As little as one week
· 75% LTV's      Loans from $400,000 to $15,000,000

Special Use - Stated - Owner Occupied Only     [Apply Online]

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· Loans up to $400,000. Nationwide in most major metropolitan areas.
· 25 year fixed rates - 10% to 12%*
· 680 FICO or better. Limited pre-payment penalty

HARD MONEY    [Apply Online]

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· Most major metropolitan areas. FAST CLOSINGS
· 25 year fixed rates ranging from 8% to 11%
· 3 year pre-payment penalty
· Most property types will be considered
· Limited income verification - All credit acceptable

SBA LOANS     [Apply Online]

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· Owner occupied properties only
· High loan to value.   Low adjustable rates
· Money for construction
· Most loans close in 60 days
· Full Doc only

    [Apply Online]

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· Borrower must occupy 51% of the square footage
· Business tax returns required - last two years must be profitable
· Rates starting at 6%* fixed with amortizations up to 25 years

* all rates subject to change
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